My name is Jay (0_sillyboy_0) wrote,
My name is Jay

K-kinda busy

Step 1: Sharpen your image.

Step 2: Hue/Sat layer:
Master (sat): +9
Master (lightness): -14
Yellows (sat): +11
Yellows (lightness): +44

Step 3: Levels layer:
Reds: Input: 71, 1.63, 233 | Output: 47, 228
Greens: Input: Dont touch the inputs | Output: 22, 237
Blues: Input: 27, 1.24, 255 | Output: Dont touch the outputs.

Step 4: Channel Mix layer:
Reds: +122, -48, +14

Step 5: Channel Mix layer:
Red: +52
Greens: -86
Blues: +200
Set to Soft Light with 42% opacity.

Step 6: Hue/Sat layer:
Master (hue): -11
Master (lightness): +10

Step 7: Grab this texture (I googled 'fire textures' but you probably have better ones.)
Place it where it looks best, I duplicated it and used it twice. Set it to Screen.

Step 8: Grab this texture (again, I googled.) I used this more for colouring than texture. But it's completely up to you.
I set it to Soft Light with 42% opacity.

Step 9: New layer, fill with #946120 set to Lighten with 25% opacity.

Step 10: New layer, fill with #671d1d set to Soft Light with 34% opacity.

Step 11: Merge your layers completely.

Step 12: Duplicate it, and flip it horizontal so it's the other way, set to Soft Light with 55% opacity.
Erase over the face(s) of the person(s) you've used.

Step 13: Then grab a round white fuzzy brush, on a new layer and just add random brushes on the layer and set to 32% opacity. (This is optional.)

You're done!

Here's a larger version of the result:


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